Nose & Face Veins
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Nose , Face & Leg veins

Cant stand the spider veins that developed on your legs or the pink veins on your chin , cheeks and nose?

The Excel V by Cutera is a laser specifically designed for removal of the unsightly veins of the legs face chin and nose.

This system uses two wavelengths to painlessly seal off the small veins that we develop with hormone changes coupled with sun exposure.

The dual wavelength system allows us to target the blue and red veins and resolve them in just a few sessions.

Overall facial redness is reduced or resolved as is the fine tufts of red veins associated with radiation for the sun, hormones, rosacea and other causes of vascular proliferation.

Red scars are also removed using this technology.

There is no downtime and unlike sclerotherapy there is no requirement for the use of tight stockings or unsightly bandages.